A 5-part 45 Minutes video training:

Reveals How To Profitably Sell Health Products Online Using The 7 FigureIncome Generating PREFRAME Method NutriHealth Consult LTD Uses To, Conduct Deeper Product and Audience Research, and Set-Up Converting Adverts

…while staying below Facebook Ban radar month in, month out.

Fact: This resource is practical, very direct, and requires just 25 minutes of your time per day to implement even if it’s your first time

Inside you’ll discover firsthand,

Along side the 5 Part 45 Minutes Video Training…

You will be getting access to a Manual called “Ads that work”  

This Manual was actually used Used by  A Marketer ABDUL

To Turn DEAD ADs To Yield in his words A never-seen-before profit in 2 weeks in his entire 3 years as a Digital Marketer selling Health products.

After implementing it ruthlessly…

Here is a snippet of what you are going to be learning inside the “Ads that Works” Manual

We aren’t stopping there.

Alongside the 5 Part 45 Minutes video plus the Ads that works Manual.

You Will Also Get Access To Our Highest Converting Health Sales letter in The Last 5 Months

Written by our top lead copywriter that brought in Over 20M Naira ($40,000) in revenue for our Health  in 5 Months. (see a few proofs below).

Funny enough, we are still a small business and we are getting this kind of result. 


You will get Exclusive Access to our 5-Part Quarterly Newsletter Report titled; 

“What Works Now In Ecommerce”

Inside is where we reveal the latest strategy and dynamics of what is working now selling health products online.

And here is the Snippet of what you will find inside the Newsletter “Ads that works”

And here is the Snippet of what you will find inside the Newsletter “Ads that works”

So what’s the catch?

No way in hell I’m giving away all this for free right?


And here’s the catch

To sell a health product now as you know is hell.

Not for the faint in heart or weak in spirit as the scripture puts it.

So to record a huge success by selling more than 5,600 units of health products online means in less than a year there is something we are doing right.

And I’m about to drop these Strategies, Tactics, and the technical know-how on your laps. 

To plug and play and get the same result (if you put in the work and implement ruthlessly)

For a tokenless than a plate of Goat meat Spagethe at “the place”.

For Just $5 (N2,500)

Wait! If it’s so valuable why so cheap?

Listen! In Nigeria, alone statistics show Cancer is responsible for 72,000 deaths in Nigeria annually.

But we have people like you who;

— Have the product that provides a perfect solution but lack the marketing knowledge to get this product to these people while making money in return. 

—Don’t have any product but knows that selling health products is the “millionaire fastlane”

For me, if we can help you know exactly how to get these products and to push these products to the people that want real help, and make money in return.

…It gives me the relief that at least one way or the other, I’m still able to help you make more money while helping the lives of these people that need help. 

And that’s why we are giving you access to this training For Just $5 (N2,500)

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