A 5-DAYS Challenge Starting Monday November 30th , 2020


and Start BOOKING A CONSISTENT STREAM OF CASH-PAY CLIENTS for your private Practice, In

 Just 5 days...

(...NO lISTINGS, OR SPAMMY, SLOW, and SILLY Methods Required!)

  • Do you want to start booking more clients consistently?

  • Do you want to start gaining an unlimited stream of VIP Cash-pay Clients ready to jump on your programs and pay you $1000 and above?
  • Are you tired of the complications of dealing with insurance clients and You want to Start Signing up More Cash-pay clients?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions above, then you are going to love the BOOK MORE CLIENTS challenge that shows private practice dietitians like you how to overcome these challenges for good!


My name is Linda Edwards, Private Practice Dietitian and Digital Marketing Consultant for Private Practice Dietitians, like you:


I want to personally invite you to join The “BOOK MORE CLIENTS” challenge especially if you answered yes to one or more of the questions above.


I’d like to let you know that I admire your determination to find the final-cure it all solution for your private practice challenges.


As you already know, the only way to grow your private practice and start hitting your financial goals is by signing up more clients consistently…


…. and it’s not just about signing up any kind of client but signing up your ideal target client, in this case, cash-pay clients that can pay $1000 or more for your premium program.


HECK Yes! Some people are charging that in their private practice

You know this, but a few simple things are holding you back, which is why your private practice is not flying yet, as you want it to be...


This is why I have created The “BOOK MORE CLIENTS” challenge for you.


Join The 5 Day Challenge Right Away for Only $7 Before You Get Locked Out

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Here’s the truth:


You can be the most exciting dietitian every client would wish to work with or have a list of amazing transformational programs that benefit your ideal clients, but if you don’t have a steady stream of these ideal clients to sign up for your programs, you will find out that you will sooner than later be out of business.


Having an endless stream of ideal target clients is what separates successful private practice dietitians from the rest of the struggling pack.


It’s a simple truth, but one I learned the hard way.


When I began my online private practice, I was just like every other new PP dietitian online, I had no marketing experience and so I did what everyone else was doing, which included:

  • Setting up a website
  • Becoming active on LinkedIn and using InMail
  • Joining Facebook Groups
  • Sending Direct Messages (Spamming) 
  • Listing on Healthprofs
  • Posting on Instagram

I was everywhere, and I didn’t do things strategically. 


My whole strategy was built on hope, and I paid for it in frustration, I soon found myself lost and overwhelmed.


I spent more time wasting time and money on activities I know now as “low-revenue activities” than I did on what I love doing the most, which is counseling and helping my clients regain their essence through eating good food.


Why was I lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated?


Because I was not getting steady clients, and the uncertainty of when my next client will be at the door was nerve-racking. 


It wasn’t until I learned this simple, predictable strategy for gaining an unlimited stream of clients which I am going to show you in the challenge, that everything changed for me.

  • Suddenly, I started seeing steady client inflow

  • I started selling my premium transformational programs for MORE more than I have even done without friction
  • My monthly income began to increase and become more predictable.

  • And I began to enjoy my life as a dietitian all over again.



That’s what the BOOK MORE CLIENTS challenge is all about and will help you do.


Here’s How it Works

Each day for The 5 Days of The Challenge, I will send You an Instruction Video where I will teach You Each of The Pillar Elements That Make Our Simple Predictable Client Generation Method FLY…


And then, I will challenge you with Daily Tasks You Must Complete, to Prove Your Mastery of Each Pillar Element.


But That’s Not Even All…


We are going to have Live Q & A Sessions where I am going to be answering your questions,  and help you deepen your understanding of The Pillar Elements of Our Predictable Client Stream Strategy.


Inside The 5 Day Book More Clients Challenge

Day 1: Uncover Your Zone of Genius

Have you found your special diagnostic focus yet? Or are you confused about your ideal target client?

If you are lacking in these two things, it is going to be difficult for you to create premium transformational programs, which is one of the pillar elements of our strategy.

On day 1, I am going to show you how to find your special diagnostic focus, I call this your zone of genius.

And we are not going to stop there, I am going to show you how to uncover the profitable diagnostic focus that fits you to the tee

After Day 1, you are going to know the exact diagnostics to focus on, which is where your ideal cash-pay clients who can pay $1000+ for your programs are going to be found.

Day 2: HOW TO BUILD and PRICE YOUR T-Program 


On day 2, I will show you my Proprietary Simple Method for Creating Easy-Selling Premium Transformational Programs that solve the problems of your ideal target audience.

These are high-end programs that you will easily sell for $1000+ or more, and your target clients will be excited to sign up for them.

This is going to be one of the most exciting trainings you have ever been a part of.


Day 3: How to Build Your Simple, Unlimited, Client Funnel

Whoever thought that creating a fast-selling, simple, sales funnel can be easy?

Wait for Day 3, where I show you our simple framework for assembling your simple “build-and-forget” sales funnel, that’s going to consistently deliver your ideal target clients to you, hands-down.

I will show you how to PLUG in your Transformational Program into Your Funnel and get it primed and ready for Launch.

You will breathe a sigh of relief after learning this one skill.


Day 4:  How to “Light Up The Fuse” and Set Your Private Practice “on Fire” 

With your fast-selling, simple sales funnel in the bag, what’s the next logical step?

Paid Traffic?

That’s it! 

On Day 4, I am going to show you the exact method I use to create low-cost, High ROI Facebook Ads that pull in my ideal target clients and deliver them into my funnel.

I am going to show you how to dive deep into the Facebook Algorithm to dig up your ideal target client, and pull them into the sales funnel you have created.

Also, I will show you how to set up Facebook ads without breaking Facebook Advertising policies or get your ads flagged by bots.


Day 5: Surprise! Surprise!! Meet Our Special Guest


On Day 5, I am going to be inviting some highly respected digital marketing experts, business coaches, and consultants. They are going to add more pizzaz and entertainment to the challenge.

Just get your questions lined up for them.

They will teach, answer your questions, and show you more exciting ways to market and grow your private practice using the internet.

This is going to be super-exciting.

“After the 5 days of “Book More Clients” Challenge, you would have acquired all the skills you need to start attracting Your Ideal Target Clients ($1000+ Cash-pay clients) and Getting Steady Bookings for Your Services.”


And even more, you can use this same simple predictable strategy to sell your physical and digital products without stress…


Would you not be happy to have extra dollars flowing in from the sales of your digital or physical products, if you create them?


I have used this same predictable system to create multiple sources of extra passive income for myself. If I can do it, you know that you can as well.


Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity to Change Your Private Practice For Good!


Join The 5 Day Challenge Right Away for Only $7 Before You Get Locked Out


Unlike other challenges, The “Book More Clients Challenge” gives you ACTUAL STEPS and Methods to Follow and Create an Endless STREAM of Cash-pay Clients!


The Book More Clients challenge is an experience you cannot afford to miss especially... 

If you struggle to gain a steady stream of new clients and grow your income.

So, I invite you to take the chance right now while it’s still available to you.

Would you swap  2 Cups of Starbucks’s Cappuccino for a chance to JOIN THE CHALLENGE?   

That’s about how much you invest to gain the “unfair advantage” that The Book More Clients Challenge is going to give you against all the other struggling private practice dietitians out there.

Join The 5 Day Challenge Right Away for Only $7 Before You Get Locked Out

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