By Invitation Only….

Watch me build a health Ads campaign that flies under Facebook ban radar month in, month out from scratch using the PREFRAME method

Here’s what you’ll learn in this online informative & intensive webinar

Inside you’ll discover firsthand,

Contrary to what people know,

Every market have a unique framework that can hand you an edge over your competitor,

And inside this unique framework land you what their problem is,

Their longing desire.

The awareness level to accept a solution.

Their pains, fear and subconscious beliefs.

And how they feel they want to be treated.

Where to find them online and how to communicate their overwhelming desire to trigger their buying gland.

Thought about the reason why those last ads didn’t bring the conversion you want?

This might be the missing puzzle…and I will show you how we do this in Nutrihealth Consult.

Identifying and knowing your customer by who they really are. Making selling health products a lot easier.

But knowing about them, does not fix it all.

Knowing how to speak to them is what aggravates and wet their buying gland and make them buy from you,

Just Like meeting a girl, and you don’t know how to convince her to become your girlfriend.

She is going to end up dating the guy next door that understand how to wet her mind with words that make her want to date him. 

And that’s where using the…

…I’m going to be showing you on this webinar, gives you an edge. 

Because you’re going to be able to speak to the decision making side of their brain to pull out their wallet and buy your product because they now see your Product as the ONLY solution to get free of their illness.

And, oh yes, let’s not forget,

The attention span of your customer across social media is less than 5 seconds.

And if you are unable to grab their attention within that shortest period of time before your competitors come lurking, It’s Puff!

No matter how emotionally hypnotic your copy is and how great you have done in understanding who your ideal customer is

You won’t be able to sell your stuff,

And that’s why

I will also be showing you the…

that helps you grab the attention of your audience and compels them to take your next desired action. 

And No,

  • It’s not about showing your product image.

Neither is it about

  • sharing the testimonial of people that used your product.

Fact is, Your customer have seen them all from your competitors, and are f**king tired of seeing them and that is why the 5 Second creative hook becomes a game changer.

With it, you grab the attention of your customer in split seconds and give them a reason to take your desired action.

You can’t wait, right?

But there is one more thing,

Probably a question,’

Have you asked the reason sometimes, You nailed your research, copy but have Zero to No Conversion?

And even when you get orders for those health products, they are a bunch of crazy customers who suddenly have the burial of their “Grandfather’s Nephew” to attend when you call them.(God Forbid) 

Your targeting sucks!!

This is why in this webinar,

I will walk you through how you show your ads to people who really have the problem your product solves

And have them waiting for you to deliver your product to them. 

I call them…

And before you think all these are a bunch of difficult tasks to do

Just wait till you get to this webinar this Sunday and see how You can do all of these within ONE hour and have your product selling in minutes.

It doesn’t get easier than that. 

This same method is what we used to sell 5613 of our health products (and below is just a few of the proof) in less than 6 months.

And Now you are probably thinking…

With all this valuable information that you going to be showing me in this live webinar.

That has the ability to take my health business to the next level if I put in the work needed.

How much do I need to invest to join this webinar?


Let’s look at this together,

Let’s say you take everything I showed you in this webinar and implement  the following week.

You pick one health product with the principle I showed you.

You Set up your ads in less than an hour.

And maybe because you just knew this new strategy, made 10 delivered sales in a week. – without a single one frustrating your delivery agent

That’s like two (2) delivered orders each day from Monday to Friday

With a profit margin of N10,000

That’s like 100k in a week. 

An extra N400,000 in a month

And because you will spend money and get better with time.

With the same principle.

Double your work rate, and push it to 20 delivered orders in one week.

Which is still not a lot of work.

Because it’s like doing 4 delivered orders in a day. 

That’s like 200k in 7 days. 

And if you agree with me, If I charge you  35,300 to hold you by the hand and show you this (which is what I’m going to be doing in the webinar) is still a very good deal knowing fully well that you can tackle all these I’m going to be revealing to you.

And you can do 100k, 200k in 7 days. Month in, Month out, Because It’s now part of you. 

But No!

I’m not going to be doing that.

I want to even do something differently.

As a way to make it easy for people like you who have tried their hands at selling health products, but got burnt and already given up

Or got burnt trying to sell their health product.

And that’s why for Just N5,000 today, I’m giving you an opportunity to lock down your sit inside this LIVE WEBINAR happening this SUNDAY

Yes, You saw that, right


To get access to the same information we’ve used to produce results like this…

while staying under facebook ban radar months in months out.

All you have to do is model exactly what I did and you too can start seeing results like this…

But LINDA don’t bullshit me.

Why are you parting away with all this Valuable Information for such a peanut amount?

You see,

The truth is that I could chose to do it for Absolutely free.

But you’ll agree with me that people don’t value free stuff.

In fact, there was a time I rented a big venue and organized a free seminar just to show health products sellers how to sell their products blazing fast online…months in months out…

And just 5 people showed up.

Making me waste my money, time and resources

Not good, right?

So I thought of asking for a little commitment from you,

Because that has also worked for me, for some of my training in the past.

And a way to make people take it serious

And commit to Their progress

People like…

Chiamaka who after paying for one of my training said…

Or Moses who has attended different trainings and bought several courses…

After attending one of my training sessions as you’ll be doing this Saturday…


Or Samuel who is not a baby in selling health products…


And If you think that putting aside N5,000 to learn something that could take your business into  the 7 figures per month zone is too much of a big deal.

Then, this is not for you either.

In fact, you might as well stop reading right now.

Nothing Good comes free

Keep being satisfied with the results you are getting

And looking at your products everyday in tears…

Because you don’t know how to sell…

Or keep running ads with no single conversion…

While I show other serious individuals how to scale up to start doing figures like per every month-Sometimes in few weeks – selling health products online

It’s your life 

No one will force you

But if you’re ready to let me hold your hands this Sunday…

And show you exactly how we’ve been able sell out over 5316 of our health products in less than 6 months…

Then I’m glad to welcome you on board.

Click on the payment Button 

And secure your seat…

And because I like rewarding fast action takers…

The first 15 people to secure their spot to this webinar today,

Alongside attending the webinar…

I’ll give you access to the breakdown of one of our sales page that did over 20 Million in sales…

Model how we engineered it, replicate it in your business…

and outrageously increase your revenue.

Plus instead of paying N5000

You’ll only be paying N3000

Just for the first 15 people, only.

Sounds good, right?


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