How a simple Formular Called A.O.F can make any advertising Campaign profitable 

No matter the advertising platform used ...Even if you are just starting to use Paid ads To Scale Your Business.

Now, at last, You can Pick up any advertising campaign, Dissect Exactly why it didn’t work, Put up the dot together and make it profitable Even in the Midst of the Current IOS update that is currently Frustrating Marketers Effort.

Dear Business Owner,

There is just one reason I attached the $100 unusual Image with Benjamin Franklin in a mask at the top of this page.

I want to show you how to skyrocket your business and pull in more profit for your business, as such using a dollar piece was appropriate to catch your attention.

Here is what this letter is about. 

In April, Apple rolled out a new update. An update that prompts users to “decide” if they want any particular site to track them.

In a marketer language, It means they can’t be able to measure and track their customers.

As such, trying to retarget people that either click on your website or took an action as a result of your adverts can no longer be “possible”.

To crown it all, any good advertiser will know that a retargeting campaign was a lifeline of a successful and profitable campaign before then.

What Happened Next will shock you

As large as Facebook is, they know that if they don’t swing into action immediately, 

They will be doomed.

They started crafting strategies to help their advertising bypass this and still be able to track their customers.

The integrated the rule of One business manager, one domain.

A strategy that makes the personal ads account on any Facebook profile as useless as a wet tissue pepper. 

Because one could no longer run a conversion-based objective campaign with the personal ads accounts.

Hence the need to force down this development on users, the integration of a bot to ensure its effectiveness was instigated.

The bot now became the nightmare of marketers…

Flagging every business account that is yet to be verified. 

Flagging ads that didn’t in any way violate the advertising policies of the platform…

Just to prove a point.

“Go and Verify your business manager” 

Imagine not being able to run your business Because.

You could no longer sustain an ad for even up to 3 days….Boom it’s banned.

You can’t do retargeting ads in peace again.

You can’t move a needle in your business as you have spent months, years learning how to run a Facebook advert…

…without learning the SYSTEM behind running a converting profitable campaign.


As you may know, this trend is not going anytime soon.

The truth is

It will rather evolve to other adverting platforms.

Just like it’s currently happening with emails now. 

As such…Email Marketing will be affected.

The only business owners that will survive what is happening now...


The future of successful and Profitable Adverts…

…Are Business Owners who have a proper response to this new development And Similar future development.

One way the business owners in my circle are doing it is through a…

…Unique Water-Tight-System Called AOF.

Let me explain.

“AOF” is simply a unique system that allows any business owner to understand the nitty-gritty of what to do and how to create a profitable advertising campaign on any platform. 

It’s simply the thought process, the psychology, and the systems that when done well can guarantee an exponential leaping ROI.

Now, If you need Further help getting consistent sales and conversion, No matter the advertising platform or regardless of the New IOS update, then you will find my new book…

Ads that work:  Skyrocket Your Business using adverting campaigns like this;  Valuable.

Pay attention To what I’m about revealing in few lines.

But before I go ahead to reveal how You can benefit from this FREE ebook right NOW to turn that campaign into a profitable and successful one.

I will need to be honest with you. 

Downloading this book, reading it, and Not Implementing it right away will result in two things.

If that’s what you want, Go ahead get it, Read it, and as usual dump it, and Never implement a thing. 

But if you want to see an exponential Jump in ROI for all Your advertising campaigns no matter the advertising platform you decide to run your campaign.

Keep reading so you see how this FREE EBOOK will help you achieve that.

Here is a snippet of what you will be discovering inside the “ Ads that Works” E-book 

  • The A.O.F That Makes ANY CAMPAIGN Profitable

One tiny piece that makes all the difference a lot of advertisers and business owners close their eyes on is the A.O.F of their entire marketing campaign. 

In this ebook, you will see how to use this simple but forgotten formula to scale any advertisement. 

Leave this out and see your campaign become unprofitable. 

  • The 3 Emotional Psychology that must be evident on Your Adverting Creatives.

The truth is… 

The first point of contact your audience has with any advertising campaign you try to run…

No matter the platform is your ads creatives. 

It will either give you that first click that makes all the difference for your campaign. 

So the way you get to structure it…

and the emotional psychology subconsciously implanted in it; is what is going to make all the difference and get you that click that could lead to conversion.

  • The most critical part of your copy where the conversion happens. (This is where your customers decide if they are going to give you their money).

This is not what you probably think you will hear. But your entire copy is not what brings the sales. 

Contrary to what you already know.

There is a tiny fraction of a copy that helps every profitable campaign pull in the sale as far as the campaign keeps running

You will see how it’s broken down with practical visuals that communicate it in a way even  10-year old will grasp. 


  • You will also discover how to choose an image for your ads that intrigues curiosity hence maximizing Clicks.

Now, With Everything, I will be showing you inside Your Copy of “Ads that work” 

I’m pretty confident that once you start implementing, you will love the result, and that’s exactly what is going to happen.

But It did doesn’t stop there.

Because apart of what I will be showing you inside “Ads that Work”, 

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  • A 5 step insider Video where you see me Explaining Step by step The Internal Process We use in-house to write Ecommerce Ad copy that converts with at least a 30% conversion rate on Cold Traffic even if you just launched it.

This is one superpower of most successful Business owners that rely on paid advertising to skyrocket their Business. 

Because they understand that, as simple as it sounds, 

It’s at the top funnel of what makes any adverts successful and profitable.

  • I will also share Our Highest Converting Sales letter in The Last 7 Months

Written by our top lead copywriter that brought in Over 20M Naira ($40,000) in revenue for our Ecom Product in 7 Months. 

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