“The Absolute Fastest Way To Get To N100k, N250k or Even N500k+ A WEEK Selling Health Products Online…”

Hundreds of Media Buyers, Copywriters, and Complete Newbies… from ALL experience levels… are following our PROVEN PREFRAME shortcut to Make More Than What Most Doctors Earn In A Month With This 45-Mins A Day Work-Frame

N500,000 a month… consistently.

Ask most people…

And they’ll tell you… that’s the DREAM.

The gold standard for living a great life (legally) in Nigeria as a young entrepreneur.

But even though many people spend YEARS grinding towards that 500k/month goal…

Less than 1% EVER actually get there.

That’s the sad reality.

Luckily, it doesn’t HAVE to be.

Because if you ask any of the folks in our Spike Growth Accelerator family…

They’ll tell you a much different story.

Because in our world…

Getting to 500K/month is not an impossible target to reach.

In our world…

Getting to 500K/Month is a “Starting Point” for most people…

Getting to 500K/month is what we call…

“A great START.”

It’s just the FIRST of many milestones our people hit on a regular basis.

And it DOESN’T have to take years to reach that level.

Because we’ve discovered a PROVEN shortcut…

That’s already helped dozens of people… make their first real money selling health products online

Like Abdulaziz, for example…

When he came to us during our first live event in Lagos last year…

He was struggling to make his first real money online after taking so many courses without a real  direction

From the look on his face that day, he was ready to start looking for another thing to do.

You can’t really blame a young man who has parents and siblings looking up to him.

Abdul had no confidence…

No freaking idea of where to even begin…

But within a week of using our simple PREFRAME shortcut…

He made his first 100k money selling health products online.

Now… exactly 8 months later… Abdul can easily spot a good health product to sell with a good profit margin without INCURRING Facebook’s wrath.

And while his story is awesome…

It’s just ONE of many stories we could tell you…

About people we know…

Who are using this same shortcut…

To legally make what most ‘bank managers’ dream about in a month in weeks selling health products that make do on their promise

Like DTN Okereke David…

A registered dietician in Rivers state…

Who schedules his profitable health marketing side gig… around his full-time dietetics consultancy day job.

Fun Fact:

He is already making more money than he is being paid in his job…

Which is funny, considering…

A year ago, SD didn’t even know what a health sales funnel was, how to run a profitable Facebook advert, or even how to deploy persuasive clusters to create massive appeal for his products.

Not bad for someone who has knowledge of how food can heal most of the dangerous ailments people have and can make millions doing so with the skill he now possesses.

And we could just as easily talk about …

A 21-year-old Precious Fadayomi …

Who has been using Google Ads to crush the living daylight out of the diabetes offer he has been promoting for one year now.

One of the things that stand this young man out is that his parents rarely know what their son is capable of or even how much he makes per week.

He would always joke that he makes his mum’s six months government salary in 4 weeks…if he is serious.

Just imagine where he would be and how much he will control right after graduating school this year.

See, it doesn’t matter that Precious is still a young man and has a long way to go.

With the marketing, persuasion, and sales skills he has mastered using our PREFRAME method, he can sell any other (digital and physical) products and still remain profitable.

Then there’s Nonso…

The former Catholic seminarian… who fell in love with health marketing after watching his grandfather almost die from prostate disease on December 5th, 2013.

Nonso, like many people our PREFRAME method has helped become better health marketers, had no idea where to start from having spent over 10 years of his life learning how to answer God’s call. 

Why he didn’t become a priest is still a question he shies away from answering.

After spending a lot of money on courses that failed he even considered returning back to where he came from before had his first real break with our system.

Now he makes at least over  N200,000 per month selling health products as a side gig from the comforts of his home office 

…while charging clients 6-figures to write converting health sales letters using the done-for-you systems he picked up from the PREFRAME bundle.

True story.

PS-1: I guess you weren’t even aware that the PREFRAME method is also a bundle with specific training that is capable of changing your life…for good…

And speaking of people who felt unfulfilled at their old jobs…

You need to see Austin the Nollywood-N50k/pm-actor who is now living a life most of his former colleagues can only dream of.

Austino, like he is called, is a quiet guy that studied Mass Communications at the University.

Just like those before him, he had hopes of making it big as an actor.

But then, a close look at the number of people with acting degrees in Nigeria will show you that to be recognized and paid well in that industry would require nothing less than 10 hardworking years with extra labor.

Trust me, with 4 years in the Uni, another 1 year in NYSC, and another 10 full years, it would have taken him somewhere between his 30-35’s to start commanding at least 200k in movie fees.

…and that’s if he can even wait that long.

But Austin’s January payout was N700k in two weeks using the PREFRAME method.

The best part is that he didn’t even have to look for any product to sell, write and design any sales funnel for it.

Immediately he got into our PREFRAME system, he had access to multiple (highly effective) health products to market online.

The system provided him with the product, sales funnels, closing scripts, advert set up, and even delivery system across Nigeria that made it super easy for him to sit in his house in Abia state and rake millions…month in, month out…

Or Olamiposi

who have been banking a little over 80k per week considering he is not doing it full-time as a result of his day jobs.

Take ANY of these stories on their own…

And they seem exceptional.

Maybe even almost “hard to believe…”

But when you group them together…

You get a glimpse into the kind of massive wins that are normalized inside our Spike Growth Accelerator family.

And NONE of This Happens By Accident…

The reason our folks are consistently able to “defy odds in the health space…”

And achieve more success in ONE week…

Than most “outsiders” achieve in ONE year…

Is because we know what it takes to get to the top.

More importantly…

We know how to ACCELERATE that process…

Using our PREFRAME shortcut…

So YOU can start crushing your weekly income targets while having the FREEDOM to pursue other things that mean the most to you.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to support your full-time job, start out as a fresh health marketer or even learn how to sell anything profitably online… without wasting time and money on things that don’t work.

Or if you want to sell other people’s health products… so you can get those crazy bonuses they promised… without staying out in the sun every day begging your neighbors to patronize you…

Or… if you’re looking to launch your OWN 7-figure offer… so you can start KEEPING all the revenue you generate.

Simply put…

No matter what you’re hoping to accomplish with your marketing career…

Between God and man… we’ve already done it.

And thanks to our PREFRAME shortcut…

We can help you get there a LOT faster than you think…

WITHOUT facing the headache of figuring it out…all on your own.

Because see, you don’t have to write long posts on social media all day… to try and show off your “expertise.”…while knowing that you are broke…

You don’t have to become one of those annoying people that their uncles avoid their calls…frequently because they see you as a timer waster with no tangible results to show for

You don’t have to be one of those people with a skill that cannot generate money with it… except a client signs them (which is not bad, but you need the experience to land better gigs too)

And you definitely don’t have to sleep with anyone before they buy from you…

Once You Use the PREFRAME Shortcut We’re About to Share With You, Everything Can Change for You…


You’ll be too busy writing WINNING sales and email copies…

Running highly CONVERTING adverts… 

Closing SERIOUS customers who even pay before delivery 

Managing REAL done-for-you delivery system across Nigeria

Or even selling one or two of the numerous products we have listed and in every state in Nigeria

And making REAL money…

To worry about begging anyone ever again.

How do we know?

Because I’ve used this same shortcut… to get to the TOP of the health marketing world even as a young 25year-old lady.


Linda Chika here.

I used this shortcut to go from being a complete unknown…

To being widely considered one of the BEST health offer owners active today in Nigeria.

And I can say that without any ego involved…

Because the NUMBERS back that up.

My company, NutriHealth Consult has literally generated over 50 Million Naira for myself and  TWICE that amount for my clients in less than 1 year.

That explains why I’m able to quickly turn any health product I lay hands on into a huge success in weeks.

Over 3 years now, I’ve consistently sold health products ranging from P***s enlargement creams and gels, ulcer, diabetes, fertility, cancer, premature ejaculation, beauty to even kopeks tighteners.

With a long list of clients and students whom I have through my system made millionaires.

And yes… that STILL sounds crazy to me…

Because when I STARTED selling online in 2017 after I lost my dad with no one to help sustain my siblings and me through school except my mother and her not-so-great government salary that come once every 3-4 months

…I never believed that one day I could become a girl people would run to with serious health problems… I merely wanted to provide for my family…even though I have a degree in Dietetics

You see, back then, no night passed without me crying myself to sleep trying to figure out how to make people buy what I wanted to sell… without selling my body to get it…

In a world filled with predators and in an industry predominantly ruled by men, you know how hard it can be to survive.

But that’s the great thing about ME.

I love defying odds.

Because today, not only I am recognized as one of the best female Facebook Advert Consultant in Nigeria with over N17 Million in ad spend alone

I also lead an 8-man digital health marketing company in Nigeria with an exponential track record and multi-million naira checks…in revenue

Why Am I Saying All This?

See, once you know how to generate consistent RESULTS…

There aren’t any limits to how much you can make.

And with the PREFRAME shortcut, we’re about to share with you…

It’s Possible to Double, Triple, or Even 10X Your Income… 

In a Matter of Months!

Now… obviously… I am NOT sharing any of this to brag.

I am sharing this to show you how far I’ve come.

Because just like you, I know what it’s like to be so broke, you can’t even afford an ordinary pad.

A few years ago, the only option I had was to either do what most girls in my state were doing – glorified runs or continue waiting for some rich uncle to have mercy.

But then with uncles, you already know how it ends.


Let me assure you ONE thing:

Nobody owes you a dime… No one is coming to save You… You are your own and ONLY savior.

People can give you bread… but not a bakery.

You owe it to yourself to do great things…because… you can.

And one of the things I did to make that happen was surround myself with people who were already successful… doing exactly what I wanted.

But then, it wasn’t easy because most of them wanted to have their way with me before they let me in on their trade secrets.

…which was why I persevered and learned most of what I know today through sheer hard work that took me years, tears, and pain, and courses from good friend that came through.

Admittedly, there is stooopid money in health marketing.

We are talking about what people cannot live without.

We are talking about solutions to problems millions of Nigerians would kill to have.

The solution to problems many of them even travel abroad every month to seek.

A solution that makes most people think of taking their life if they can’t find it.

For a few seconds, think about this:

Let’s put the number at 35 at the end of the month considering your experience level.

That is:

30 * 10,000 = 350,000

Imagine making that much in a month selling basic health products that people are secretly dying for.

If you are thinking in your head right now on how possible it is, I get you and I’ll explain how in a few minutes.

Before that, I want to explain what the PREFRAME method is, who it is for and how you can start PROFITING with it starting today.

You see, the main reason why a lot of people hardly make any good money online is not because they do not have any skills.


It is not even because they can’t find the money to start with.

The main reason is that they are not SUFFICIENT in themselves.

Let me explain with my favorite Bible passage (apologies if you are not Christian, the lesson can still be implied in all instances)

…in 2 Corinthians 3:5, the Holy Scripture says and I quote:

“Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God”.

Now, the lesson here is, a lot of people can’t survive in the online space selling health products without a proper guide.

The thing is, most course sellers still don’t understand the place of mentorship in all their programs.

Most of them fail to realize that most people who want to get results are in different stages of awareness or knowledge.

For some, they hardly need direction from you while the majority would even want you to call them and force them to get on their laptops.

While I am not an advocate of easy work, one of the reasons people succeed under me is because I take things personal with them.

…waking you at night to implement something is my trademark.

And that for me is one of the best things you can do for anyone who trusts you with their resources.

And talking about RESOURCES

The PREFRAME Method is a simple framework that takes away the GUESSWORK in profitably starting, sustaining, and scaling health offers online.

It replaces those long boring hours filled with horrible headaches you face trying to figure out what to sell and how best to sell them with a detailed system and strategies I use in generating MILLIONS every month.

It helps you determine:

To say that it covers everything you need to start selling health (or any other) product profitably from day one from scratch will be the undying TRUTH you have for so long prayed for.

This is so because:

The PREFRAME method contains 6 Powerful and Practical Modules Anyone Can Use To Build A 6-Figure Health Marketing Business from Scratch Without Needing Any Mentor

Here’s a glimpse of what I am talking about:

Preframe Copywriting 101:

The Abstract World of Mind-Control, Borderline (Ethical) Manipulation and Cognitive Influence That (Very Few People Use Cleverly) in Health Copywriting To Preach Peace and Declare War in (the Hearts and Wallets) of their Audience…Every Single Time

The first step to becoming a well-paid marketer,

 …is by understanding the raw truth about how human decisions are influenced

What makes humans buy?

What their fears and hopes are?

Why even the most educated people are ‘pawns’ in the hands of master persuaders

Inside this section, I’ll show you some eye-opening truths about human beings…

Like . . .

Plus more…

Preframe – Copy 102:

A Done-for-You Step-by-Step Guide on How to Conduct Thorough Market Research (Without confusion and tears) . . . so you gain higher insights into what your prospect wants and beat the shit out of your competitors…easily…

It takes an average copywriter 5-7 days to flesh out sales letters that can convert at over 21% on cold traffic.

Even so, doing this regularly can be hard.

Because, most of the time without a defined step-by-step framework that you can gleam ideas from to go from having a blank page to writing over 10-30+ pages of purely researched and emotive copies 

….that breaks controls and gets people to buy.

You will suffer…

In all honest terms, you ‘go’ suffer…

…and that is where research comes in

Forget what you’ve learnt or heard before, research is the most important part of writing copies.

….the problem most of the time is that people don’t know where to look.

Within this section, I’ll show you

How to conduct proper researches into your ‘audience demographics’ by answering questions like:

Plus a lot more.

Preframe – Copywriting 103

Finding The 1% (Unique Mechanism) That Matters The Most in Your Letter

(The Process, Pattern and Systems to Discovering Why Your Product IS Unique and Why Their Problems Won’t Go Until They Buy From You)

Keep this in mind:

Before any prospects come to you, 

…fact is they must have tried different other things that did not work for them.

Truth is, they are already skeptical, afraid and tired.

In this section, I’ll show you

Plus, my never-ever disclosed research system that makes even the most sophisticated buyer buy what you are selling

We have used this method alone to close doctors, priests, lecturers and a lot more…without having them question us.

Preframe – Copywriting 104

12 Questions You Should Always Answer in Your BRIEF Before You Write A Word of Copy (number 5 and 7  is WHY we generate millions in revenue even in so-called saturated markets )

The good thing about writing highly effective copies is that the ground rules have already been established.

What this means is:

You can follow just about any good rules to flesh out copies that win easily.

This is inarguably the easiest part of copywriting if you understand how to do it.

In this section, you will be learning,

Plus a lot more…

Preframe – Copywriting 105

How To Write Engaging Sales Copies That Converts On Cold, Warm and Hot Traffic…. Every Single Time You or Your Client Launch 


Writing a sales letter is not as hard as most people make it seem.

Admittedly, it can be confusing when you don’t know what to do at each particular time.

Take away this confusion and you’ll easily do it better than you thought possible.

That’s why in this section, I’ll show you:

You will see how the researches you have conducted will for the basis for:

Plus a lot more.

To make this worthwhile for you, you will be gaining access to:

My Holy Grail Swipe Files:

As a copywriter, I spend more money gathering swipe files than I do on other stuff.

Swipes from legends and people now.

If you don’t know what a swipe is, it is a collection of ads that have been tested in the market and that brought millions in sales.

Having swipes helps you easily gain upper insights into what to do when you want to write a promotion but lack ideas.

It also helps you refine your craft during your study times.

I believe by now you know that copywriters read and write everyday.

I’ll give you access to them.

Headlines Hacks:

You will get resources on how to come up with out-of-the box headlines that boost conversion rates.

You will see how the oldies did it and how you too can.

Copy Support System:

You should never buy a course without a support system.

Truth is, it is not everything I teach that I expect you to understand immediately.

Some you will but others might require some questions while the rest will come once you start implementing and getting results.

That’s why I’ll personally guide you in every step of the way.

Preframe Facebook 201

The Holy Grail of Conversion Marketing, The Dark-Side of Tailored Person-to-Person Based Health Advertising That Creates Interest, Builds Trust and Drive Sales Without Getting on Zuck’s Bad Side Month in, Month Out

Running adverts that convert on Facebook especially for health products

…is hard.

In fact, most people avoid it because of how scary it can be.

We have been there before as well.

But then what many people fail at understanding is this:

Facebook, just like every other marketing channel, is an enabler…

It is an amplifier. 

That LIKE the marketing channels before it, were used primarily for one thing:

To generate leads.

…and doing this just like now requires TACT and PSYCHOLOGY.

And that’s why first, the first phase of this training deals with:

The Marketing Knife Master Persuaders use to dig out secrets Not even the spouse of Your customer Knows about -to Assemble Marketing Angles No One Will Ever Sell From, Creatives That Stop People Dead On the Track and Triggers That Evoke Buying Desires at It’s Finest —Using a simple frame work —the laser profiling Questionnaire._ 

(A.K.A Sleeping With Your Customer For One Night)

It’s not what you think…

You see,

The first step to Engineering a profitable Facebook campaign selling Health Products online, 

Is to understand who your customers really are…

What are their fears

Their suspicion

Their common enemy

Their hopes

Their objections

What they won’t respond to

What have they’ve tried before…

What they don’t want to hear

What will make them curious

What will stop them when they see your adverts 

And more…is what we’ll be uncovering in this session…

You’ll see in PRACTICAL SESSION how I get into the mind of our customers and dig out  things their parents/spouse don’t even know about them…

Using the ‘LPQ’ framework:

That allows me:

To uncover everything I need to know about my  customers

And specific circles on the internet to find answers to this questions,

This way,

You’ll know where to go to dig out your customers 

For any products in general…

You will also see my: 

Preframe Facebook 202:

The Liptunch Messaging Method: The One Thing Top Marketers Like Todd Brown, Tai Lopez, Ryan Deiss, and Frank Kern  Do Before They Sell Any Single Product…

Plus… How to Use This To Engineer the Only Transformation your Prospect Secretly Desire, How To Position Your Adverts on Facebook and Have Your Competitor’s Prospect Chasing after You


Just knowing who your customers are is not enough…

You need to sell them the right message encoded in ‘hope’

This is the single transformation you’re promising them that they’d get after using your products…

Get this right,

And your customers would ignore your competitors’ products for life…

In fact, Expert Marketing Expert Todd Brown Says

”This is the first thing I do before selling any product online…”

No wonder his company does over $55,000,0000 in sales every single year…

And he’s not just alone…


Also said that…

The reason we do millions of dollars in sales is because we pay attention to this particular element

And it has nothing to do with your AD COPY,



None of those, actually…

And in this session,

I’ll be revealing the LIPTUNCH MESSAGING METHOD to you…

Once you master it,


Preframe Facebook 203

THE PREDICTABLE SELLING SYSTEM: The Four Step-Process That Predicately Sells Out Every Health Product in Our Inventory Month in, Month Out No Matter The Price We Place on Them (Exact Plug and Play Template Responsible For Millions in Revenue)

This is where Headies Awards is separated from the Grammys


It’s one thing to run ads and get orders 

And it’s another thing to run ads and predictably get orders every single day like clockwork

The former is easy

The later is where children are crowned LEGENDS

And that’s what this section is about… Crowing you into a TRAFFIC LEGEND

In this section…

You’ll be learning….

Without Even touching it.

In addition, you will also be learning how to conduct a:

Preframe Facebook 204

Preframe Facebook Campaign Audit Sessions To Understand The Very Best Way To Come At Any Campaign You Are Running, Find What IS Wrong and Troubleshoot It To Get Results…

Look, I won’t dare mess with you and tell you once you join this programme…

Every  campaign you’d put out will become a winner right off the bat…

That will be me messing with you…

In fact, Respected Advertising Expert Molly Pittman recently admitted that…

Only 20% of the campaigns she puts out actually end up working..

But because she understands how to go deep dive into her campaigns like a scientist..

And diagnose why they are not working and come out with a proven road map on what to fix to make them work…

She’s able to still predictably turn in over 8 figures + in dollars for her clients every single year

And this strategy is what you’ll be learning in this session…

You’ll literally be becoming an AD DOCTOR…

Who is able to fix any advertising campaign on the internet…

In this session

I’ll be taking you through a 5 Step Checklist for trouble – shooting any campaign you put out…

With the Plan to fixing it 

And having your campaigns pour out millions

But that’s not…

You’ll also be learning about the KEY METRICS you need to always put your eyes on…

The moment you hit publish on your ads…

And I’m not even talking about 


Not even LEADS

Not Reach

Not CTR like most advertisers worry about

And miss the real information about the Health of their campaign

With these key metrics I’ll be showing you…

You’ll be able to get detailed signals from Facebook A.I itself… 

And more…

And all you just have to do is look at this metrics once a week…

And make solid decisions from them

But there’s more…

You see, once you’ve audited your campaign…

And you’ve optimized what’s not working,

It’s time to go from 5 orders per day…

To 30 – 50 – 100 orders…

And that’s where the SCALING session gives you the brace up…

Preframe Facebook 205


Let’s face it…

The biggest dilemma advertisers face is SCALING


Because it breaks all of what’s already working

because they didn’t scale right…

And In this session…

I’ll reveal to you the 5 – Phase Scaling Method from taking a brand from Zero to 8 figure plus…

…without breaking what’s already working…( I’ve implemented this strategy twice and it’s results is as predictable as light and day

I’ll show you different traffic plays that will scale your ads so rapidly without even increasing your budget…

It’s more of the NINJA TACTICS you won’t hear about..

But I’ll reveal it to you because you’ve decided to take on this offer

Preframe Facebook 206

How to Build And Launch A Fail-Proof Campaign Tat Generate Profitable Result From The Word Go

Contrary to what people know…

When it comes to paid advertising

How you structure for campaign matters a lot

In fact, there is a way you’d set up your campaigns that…

That the A.I won’t just be able to come to your rescue and give you result


I see most advertisers make this mistake all the time…

And when I reveal this same piece to them…

The same copy and targeting they’ll complain wasn’t working will start pouring in…

Sales like crazy

And that’s why in this session…

I’ll be showing  youn tactical ways  to set up your campaign in the way that makes the A.I works in your favour

And give you more customers

And literally optimise to help you fly even higher…

I’ll also be showing you…

The Best Audience that converts on Facebook…

Plus how to target your offes to those audience type specifically

And more…

I’ll have to keep some details here…

Just to blow your mind when you get to this session

Bonus 1: Never Ever Revealed Facebook Pixelling For Health (Why We Crush Heads)

Facebook bots hate health.

…and no matter what you do, they’ll ban you straight back to your village.

But that’s where we generate millions from every month.

How, you ask?

Because we understand how to read ‘bot signals’.

We know what to show them, how and, when to, to stay off ban for as long as possible.

This is where the ‘Pixelling for health’ comes in.

In this bonus section, I’ll show you why pixelling from your main account is the worst mistake you will ever make.

Why we use ‘dummies’ to control the outcome from Facebook.

How we get them and how we use them.

…to stay off while selling what no guru would ever attempt.

Preframe Closing 301

The 6 Step Framework that makes EVERY Customer Who places an Order Say YES (EVERYTIME) to Your Dispatch Team

(where the gods meet men for a handshake)

Having a 90% delivery success rate as health marketer in Nigeria boils down to two things:


Your sales copies are meant to totally disarm your clients and get you that sales.

But the truth is, 70% of the time you are talking to prospects who have heard the same line over and over again.

Most of them are tired and once you don’t clear their doubts by answering questions they have in their head and hearts.

…you will lose that sale.

You see

The single reason why I deliver 8-out of every 10 order I get is because first:

I ensure that I have a very good understanding of what I am selling. 

And secondly,

That I am very convincing and confident during the sales calls (your prospect can detect if you are afraid)

That’s why in this module,

I will show you how to build confidence when closing.

How Speech speed and psychological control affect your ability to close your prospect

How to make your prospect anticipate (and crush) the reasons why they might not want to buy from you.

How to use the ‘mirror effect’ to have your way with any prospect, it is a dangerous mind hack.

I will guide you on to build desire and anticipation that makes clients chase you for products with cash-in-hand ready to buy what you are selling

We call this “the I won’t forget you effect” 

…so instead of calling up a client and randomly telling them, you are calling to confirm their order like most people do.

 You will be building trust and nailing them comfortably every single time by using my 6-step NOW Closing Hack For Health Businesses

Preframe Funnel 401

Metaverse of Funnel Design: How Color Gradients Seduce, Fonts and Spacing Induce and Forms Influence Sheep-Like Buying Desires in Prospects Without Even Them Knowing –Plus Live Session of How I Do This Every Time

    (where the war is often waged)

When asked the single reason why the sales funnels I design deliver orders every single day even on cold traffic.

I answer with this line:

‘Because I understand the psychological undertones to how designs work on human brains’.

If you have been a student of color or NeuroMarketing, you’ll understand the role branding plays in great marketing.

Beyond just learning how to design, I’ll show you how to play with colors and how to tie it into the most unique human expressions of needs.

Here, I’ll show you

And lastly, I’ll show you:

  • A Trick that Increases Sales with Funnel building. 


The Chief-Priest:

How To Know The Market To Sell To Without Hiring Any Expensive Business Analyst With No Real Knowledge of How The Nigerian Business Work

  (where the money is shared)

It is not just enough to say I have a product to sell.

You should also know if the people you want to sell to have the money to buy the solutions you are providing.

…you can’t get to this answer by guessing.

I will show you how to know:

The Sorcerer

Email Marketing That Builds Hungry List of Buyers, Who Anticipate Your Message, Rave About You With Cash-in-Hand Ready To Buy What You Are Selling…Every Time You Pitch

(where the spirit meets the flesh)

Learning how to write effective email copies that drive the click is perhaps the best skill any health marketer can learn in this business of ours.

If you have been wondering how to do this, I will walk you through the steps I use in writing emails that get up to 51% open rates.

With what you will learn here, you will be able to build responsive lists in any health niche and sell a sh**t ton of products without worrying about getting banned by Mark.

You will get access to behind the scene teachings on

How  Email Marketing Works When Selling Health Products?

List Building Element

How to Structure Your Email Sequence To work.

The Part of Email Marketing Nobody talks about. 

The Thought Process Behind Writing Email Copies that convert. 

The Delay Email Marketing Strategy

4 Step-Structure to Writing Email Copies that moves the needle for your readers

The reason why your readers  gets lost and lose interest even before you spill the beans

Email Languages as it relates to selling Your health product.

In addition to all that you will be getting from the PREFRAME system.

You will also become a member of the Spike Growth Accelerator Family where I offer weekly support to members.

In fact, the beauty of being in this community is that you will be surrounded by other health marketers who you can rub minds together for a full year at no cost.

At SGA, I offer weekly:

See, the whole essence of the SGA Family is to give you the wings to fly – more than the 95% of health marketers who are constantly second-guessing their next move.

With the Spike Growth Accelerator Program and Membership in your pocket:

You automatically have full-year access to the WithoutMentor platform where you have opportunities to sell multiple physical and digital health products from the comfort of your home and receive a commission from every sale.

Let explain:

The WithoutMentor platform is an affiliate system developed to cater to everything health…digital and physical in Nigeria.

It is the first of its kind here…and was built for:

….without the need to meet anyone face to face or beg their neighbors to bring someone that will bring someone.

…who knows that she needs funds to care of her immediate needs while still on the hunt for $$$ clients (that take a little time before they come)

…listing his own health products on a platform that can guarantee steady sales and profits for his business…without the headache of running a full-time health business online.

The idea is simple:

Whether you want to learn a skill, sell a product or make money at the same time.

The WithoutMentor is your partner.

Wit its regularly updated courses in ( Spike Growth Accelerator course), the physical and digital health products in (WithoutMentor E-Com) and her daily, weekly and monthly support systems and classes

…all that you need to start and succeed is guaranteed.

This is so because…with the WithoutMentor ecommerce

…you don’t have to start writing any sales letter, sourcing for a product, or even managing delivery on your own.

All that you need has been provided including a Personal Assistant who will monitor your orders and report to you daily.

Your only work is to generate leads with the  Leads Generation system my Facebook Ads teaches; your Assigned PA closes your order  with the Sales Scripts developed by us, and passes them over to the dispatch team who then delivers your order (In case where you are selling the physical products.)

That’s all you have to do in the situation of not having the money to buy, brand, get licenses, distribute and market your own products.

And for every successful delivery you make, or sales you make for selling digital health products your account will be updated and your commission sent out to you every Friday morning

Plus access to our live events and opinion polls from marketing mavericks who have sold millions of products off and online like:

And much, much more every end of the month exclusively for YOU.

Now, my aim is to see that you succeed and that’s why I take this seriously.

It’ll not be good of me asking you to join me in this if you can’t be SERIOUS.

You see, yearly access to the WithoutMentor platform costs N50,000 per person.

The individual health marketing courses you’ll be getting can and have been sold for more than N100,000 each.

My 2-day Facebook consulting alone costs N250,000 and I have a lot of people paying me to do marketing for them.

…including most of your Instagram super lords

Ordinarily, to gain access to this program is N500,000 without the bonuses listed.

…and if you are serious, you can make that in 2 weeks.

But then, selling at that price would be evil because I’ll be depriving a lot of people the chance to build skills they can use to make millions online

…EVEN from foreign clients.

To make sure you get started today, I won’t be selling this for even N250,000 which is what the first and second badge of the cohort paid.

Not even anything close to N100,000.

You can gain access to all this:

Plus access to all our live events and more.

…for just the price of N40,000.

It is fair, right?

That’s because it’ll be increasing to N50,000 once New Year Eve sets in.

If you know me personally, you should know I don’t mince words. 

Who is this for?

This system will work for you even if:

Dear friend,

Here’s Your Chance to Make It Into the ELITE level of successful health entrepreneurs…

Who consistently makes over half million naira per month or even week..

I know what it’s like to have an incredible network… filled with ALL the biggest names in your space.

Simply put…

We can help you hit those goals… in a hell of a lot less time than it took us.

So you don’t have to spend 5-10 years struggling…

Working for peanuts…

While you “pay your dues.”

Because we know the shortcut that ANY committed person can use…

To make really good money… within 12 months or less.

And whether you aim to hit 100K/month… or 200K/month… or 300K/month…

There are DOZENS of members in our community… who’ve ALREADY done that THIS year.

Because reaching those goals really comes down to just TWO simple steps…

Step 1:

Wickedly mastering your skills


Getting the opportunities to test it out LIVE


That’s how you get good… fast…and make real money.

And it explains why nearly ALL the members of Spike Growth Accelerator Family…

Who are active in our community…

And take advantage of the NETWORK we’ve created…

Get such life-changing results… usually very quickly.

Because that’s exactly what we intended for the program…

We didn’t want to just create another course.

Or put together a coaching program.

We built SGA into becoming a living, breathing ecosystem…

It’s the ONLY Exclusive Mastermind in Nigeria that gives freelancers tired of looking for clients a real chance to taste their marketing prowess.

Let me explain:

If you join us and feel the copy or funnel you get from us is NOT that great.

You have a 100% chance to develop your own, test it against ours and if it beats our control by 1%.

We will pay you:

Isn’t this fair?

See, what this means IS

If your ‘Marketing Ideas’ can move products, we build and reward you on that.

Simply put:

We allow you the chance to explore and make money while on it.

So just by being part of this community…

You Get an “Insider’s Look” at What’s Working RIGHT NOW in Direct Response Marketing

You get to go “behind the curtain” and see what’s working right now… at the absolute HIGHEST levels of direct response marketing in Nigeria

You get to see what’s currently crushing it… to convert customers from cold traffic… at a HUGE scale.

This kind of intel is usually IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of.

Especially when you’re still starting out.

But by shortcutting that whole process…

You shave years… possibly even DECADES off your path to the top.

Because instead of having to “make all the mistakes yourself…”

You get to SKIP all that wasted trial and error…

And use strategies that are already TESTED… PROVEN to work… and supported by millions of naira in annual sales.

That’s why our members happily pay up to N250,000.00 a year to be part of our Accelerator family..

Because of the UNFAIR advantage it gives them.

So while others will be there figuring out blindly you’ll already know what’s happening.

That said…

We ONLY want to work with those who are truly committed.

We don’t want this to be something you “dabble” in…

Before moving onto the next shiny object.

That is why I will be your accountability partner until you make your first sale.

…we want you to succeed.

Because making real money online doesn’t HAVE to be a struggle.

It doesn’t HAVE to take years.

With the right training…

The right network…

The right support system…

And our SGA course and family…

You can dramatically increase your skills…

And make a ton of money doing so.

We can help you do that.

So if you want our help…

Your next step is simple.

Just click below.

And get started today.

Best wishes,

Linda Chika