I was at the point of no return. Broken. Frustrated and Hateful. I Almost Gave Up, with my barely 4 years Marriage about to End…”

How a 42-Year Old Osogbo Man Finally TURNED AROUND his FRUSTRATING PERFORMANCE, and Became a Power Horse in the Bedroom to the Joy of His Frustrated and Almost Divorcing Wife.

Dear friend,

  • How much do you miss having sex with your partner the way you used to? 
  • Like you want to make your woman happy and feel the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are a true stallion. 
  • Have you ever felt less of a man in your mind, in the presence of your partner? 
  • Have you ever felt insecure in your marriage and are beginning to wonder if your woman is cheating with someone more capable?

You start hearing voices and suspecting your woman’s moves because you can’t trust yourself or her anymore.


These were everything I was going through.


I became a walking sadist, senseless, and hypersensitive.


My inability to perform was affecting my whole life, from the office to the house.


I even got queried a few times at work.


My boss was worried about me.


But I could never open up to the cause of my misfortunes.


It was something sacred and private and every passing day, it was killing me.


I will be at the office and be imagining what my wife could be doing with a young capable boy in my absence.


I was mental and this strain and stress nearly tore apart my barely 4 years marriage.

“I never knew my life would finally turn around into a happy and satisfying one once more, so much that I will be here, testifying about my successful change of story. Instead of dropping a Suicide Note”

My name is Olubukola A. from Osogbo, a civil servant with the Lagos State Civil Service. I am 42 years old and married.


Everything you have read above was my life and my story.

But. my life was not always like that…


I was a more-than-capable man when it comes to having fun with women.

I was what you would call a proper Yoruba demon.

Girls. Sex. Party. Booze. Just name it.


I used to last long and pleasing a woman was never a problem for me.


But then everything changed.

Just two years into my marriage, my sex life turned upside down:

  • I started having difficulty maintaining a strong erection.

  • And even when I do, I will release as quickly as we got started. 
  •  I lost the drive for sex as well. 
  • Even my sperm became watery, and not as thick as it used to be. 

Initially, I didn’t have reasons to be very worried because I knew myself and what I could do.


I assumed it was the added stress and responsibility that comes with raising a new family… that was catching up with me.


But then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 months passed and nothing was changing.


That was when I became scared.


And that was when problems started coming into my marriage:


My self-confidence as a man at this point was low.


Communications with my wife at home had almost become non-existent. We began to always have issues and quarrels.


 I became suspicious of my wife’s slightest moves.


I had started thinking suspicious thoughts and imagining things.


“What was happening to me?” I kept asking myself.


Then I started looking for solutions for my sudden lack of performance.


I was too ashamed to go to the hospital or ask for help.


To find a solution to my problem, I secretly started buying anything that promises a final cure. 

From Agbo, Jedi, the ones I know their names and the ones I don’t. I was buying Everything.


I became a desperate science student.


Mixing everything, from viagra and grape juice to tramadol and alligator pepper, and many other things.


There was no herb or mixture for sexual performance that I did not buy.


None of them was giving me the results I wanted.


The results were inconsistent. Some of these mixtures even made my condition worse…


I was getting hopeless and depressed.


Then something happened, that changed my life completely.


I was diagnosed with early-onset type-2 diabetes.


It was unexpected and shocking. I always felt normal and the thought of diabetes never occurred to me.


It was the worst day of my life, I had gone to the hospital to get treated for a little persistent fever when everything changed.


But it’s something I have accepted and learned to live with.


Now knowing my condition, there was one question that kept ringing in my head…

●     Could Diabetes be the reason for my sudden drop in performance?


●     Can Diabetes lower sexual performance and inability to stand (erectile dysfunction)?

These were the exact words, I searched for on Google, the answers I got were scary.


I needed a professional to talk to, so I visited my doctor and discussed my challenges with him.


He explained that yes, my condition is responsible for my inability to perform, last longer, or even stand.


He advised me to take my medications, eat healthy, exercise, and keep my blood sugar low.


That my sexual performance would come back.


The doctor’s advice was good.


But it did not solve my problem.


What are the healthy things I should eat?


How should I be eating them?


What kind of foods should I eat that can turn around my sexual life?


What system can I follow that will give me sustainable results?


These were the answers I wanted.


I did not want to be using Viagra all the time. It always caused me headaches.


I didn’t want to be scammed and exploited yet again by hungry and desperate marketers making bogus claims on the internet, looking for innocent victims like me to take advantage of.


●     What I wanted was a holistic solution that will help me to start enjoying my sexual life again.


●     A solution that will help me stay hard, last longer, and please my woman as much as she wants.


●     A solution that can help me get back my self-confidence and self-esteem.


●     I wanted a solution that…


Truly Works


And by God’s grace, I found that solution in a Programme called…

The Total Body-Manpower Programme

I was just hanging out on Facebook when I came in touch with the advertisement for the programme.


I was like, Ah! These people have come again. But let me just see what they are up to.


So, I read their write-up.


That was when I discovered that their method was different.


Instead of the usual cure-it-all product with their bogus claims.


The advert was talking about showing a Once-and-for-all time sustainable method that can help me start enjoying my sexual life again.


Instead of selling me another product that will not work, they promised to show me a proven and easy to follow nutrition-based system that would work for me no matter my condition as a diabetic.


Instead of taking my money and abandoning me, they promised to work with me until I start seeing results.

As I read more about the Programme, my guards gradually went down and I started feeling that this is the perfect program for me.


But I was still not sure. I felt it was too good to be true.


And I was not ready to be another sucker for these criminals and scammers that parade themselves online.


So, I decided to call the program organizers using the phone details they provided. If they start talking rubbish, I would know.

“And that was how I met Linda, The Wonderful Nutritionist-Dietitian Lady Who Used Her Programme to Turn My Sexual Life Around. For The Best.”

When I spoke with Linda, I had no doubts anymore.


Linda patiently answered all the questions I threw at her.


In 15 minutes, she lectured me and exposed everything I have been cracking my head to know for over 2 years.


She did not care if I was just a time-waster or not.


Her knowledge, passion, and dedication shined through.


After that call. I learned so much and I was convinced to join the programme.


It was either to miss it or remain where I was…


I never wanted to remain where I was, so I booked my seat. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Through The Total Body-Manpower Programme:

  • I learned the scientific truths of how diabetes was messing me up all this time.

  • I learned how to modulate my body, and cancel out diabetes from damaging my body tissues.
  • I learned how to finally and Naturally conquer my inability to STAND ( erectile dysfunction) that was giving me misery all this while.
  • I learned simple but powerful dietary secrets that I use to keep my blood sugar regulated always and make my body as Good as in the old days.
  •  I was shown powerful and healthy sex boosting foods and a meal plan that my wife uses to make them for me. This meal plan and the simple foods it contains are what keeps me agile every time now. And I can last longer than normal healthy people.
  • I was given the names of the only dietary supplements that can help me gain energy and increase blood flow all over my body. Now, I cannot waste money again buying those useless mixtures, creams, patches, or pills.

“Believe me when I say that Linda and her Total Body-Manpower Programme … Gave me My Life Back, and Saved me from Depression”“And I am ever so grateful.”

This is why I am so excited and happy to inform you my dear friend that another Total Body-Manpower Programme is upon you.


And if…


You are in your late 30s and above, diabetic or not, and you find it hard keeping an erection when it all matters, and you are losing your confidence and sliding into depression because of it.




You do not enjoy sex as before because you can only last a few seconds, and it is giving you sleepless nights.




You have been cheated, cajoled, and deceived into wasting money on mixtures, pills, creams, and patches that promise to help your performance but have never and will never work for you.


Meaning that you have been heavily exploited by criminals and scammers online because of your sexual health challenges.




Your lack of sexual performance is driving you mad and making you suspicious and afraid that your woman is going out or might soon start going out to collect what you cannot give her properly.




Also very important, you are ready to open up to the sexual health expert team during the programme, learn, trust and follow the simple and easy steps in the Total Body-Manpower Programme and implement the actions in them.


Then The Total Body-Manpower Programme is exactly what you need and it will change your life like it did mine.


Now, you might be asking this question.


What exactly is The Total Body-Manpower all about?


Here are your answers:

What The Total Body-ManPower Program is All About


It is a 14-day hand-holding programme, where:

  • 1We will teach you natural ways to energize your body so that you can start performing better in bed, no matter your age or present health conditions. 
  • 2We will show you secret food combinations that will shoot up your sex drive, give you stamina, and make you more energetic. 
  • 3We will show you the only herbal supplements you should be taking to keep your body in the best shape and make you more responsive. This way, you will never spend your money on fake products ever again.
  • 4We will teach you how to enhance your blood circulation system and increase blood flow to your hips and penis. This is what will make you stay hard and start lasting longer, even if you are 70 years old.
  • 5We will teach you the things you can do to naturally increase testosterone levels in your body. This is the hormone that makes you agile and sexually alive
  • 6We will hand over to you The Powerful Erection Hardman Blueprint, which contains easy to follow meal plans and recipes that when you eat them will make your body feel reborn and charged no matter your age.And that’s not even all.
  • 7We will also be showing you whole-body easy-to-perform exercises that will help you speed up blood flow all over your body and down there where you need it even more.
  • 8We will also expose the best-kept secrets for growing and making your odogwu (jajakuja) bigger and harder when it rises.
  • 9You will get Our Special Rise-Up Herbal Supplement which enhances blood flow all around your body and boosts sex drive.

    We will packaged and shipped it to you for FREE.

    It will be the first of the many amazing benefits you will be enjoying the program.

As you know already,  The Total Body-Manpower Programme is not about giving you a mixture to drink or cream to rub down there and start praying and hoping for a miracle.


Far from that.


The Total Body-ManpowerProgramme is about giving you Total Sexual Health Empowerment.


We are not just going to give you fish…

We are going to give you fish, canoe, net, and then teach you how to fish for yourself, and for your sustained happiness and wellbeing.

So, What Happens After The 14 Days?

After the 14 days of the Total Body-Manpower Programme.


And if you diligently follow our instructions and start living the Body-Manpower lifestyle…

  •  You are going to start enjoying sex again.

  • Your body system will light up like petrol. 
  • You will now be able to rise hard and strong at will.
  •  You will become one-touch. That is, once your woman brings her hand down there, you will get up and become strong and rock-solid. 
  • You will start lasting longer and longer and make yourself and your woman happier. 
  • Your mind will now become calm and your confidence will grow as you begin to take control of your woman’s body and give it to her as she wants it. Front, back, center, sideways, doggy, missionary, cowboy, or cowgirl, and the reverse, you will be up for the task, and you will have nothing to worry about or be ashamed of anymore.

But that’s not even all

Even as you begin to live your new happy and fun life, we are still not going to abandon or leave you.


We are going to be there to support you as you grow in the Body Manpower lifestyle.

  • You will become a lifetime member of The Total Body-Manpower Telegram Group, where you will always get answers to the questions you may be having.
  •  We will support and keep you accountable through tasks and daily reviews. This will help you develop consistency in living the lifestyle that will help you sustain your new-found performance.
  •  All these after-program support is free and at no additional costs.

So, How Do You Join The Total Body-Manpower Programme and Where is The Venue?


The Total Body-Manpower Program will take place in a closed Whatsapp group.


In the programme. Which is going to be for 14 solid days…

We will hold you by the hand, and show you easy to follow methods that are going to make you last longer, stay hard and please your woman anytime, anywhere, and for as long you want.


During the programme, we will train and hand over to you all the resources that are going to help you transform your sexual life.


These resources include:

  • Live classes and lectures, where we teach you and show you the things you need to do to get your body working again
  • Mandatory tasks and Assignments to help you practice and get the best results 
  • Easy Exercise Guides you will follow at home that will ginger your body and keep it at its best. 
  • starThe Erection Hard Man Blueprint  which contains meal plans to help you eat only healthy foods that are going to breathe life back into your body.
  • star Our secret dietary supplement best-results dosage list, to help you see immediate results whenever you decide to take health supplements.
  • star Special delivery of our special Rise-Up-Now Herbal Supplement that you can take for instant results whenever you are ready for action

After you book your seat for The Total Body-Manpower Programme, we will package and deliver The Rise-Up Now Herbal Supplement to you, anywhere you are in Nigeria, so that you can start enjoying it even while the programme is going on.

How Much Does It Cost to Get In ?

Simple answer, not as much as you have been spending on fake and expensive mixtures, creams and oils, that don’t work.


You are not happy to be losing money, are you?


The truth is that nobody is happy to lose money or feel cheated and ripped off, especially when all you want to do is to solve a problem that makes you feel ashamed and depressed.


Those scammers give you fake hopes, take your money and then break your heart, when you find out that it was all lies

That’s just too much to endure..


The Total Body-ManPower is completely different.

And believe me…

It is Going to be The Final Bus Stop to Your Sexual Health Challenges.


So, no matter how much this programme costs, you will find out that it’s worth it in the end.


And nobody will ever betray your hopes ever again.


Now about the Price of The Total Body-Manpower Programme…


You will not pay as much as 120,000 Naira to be a part of this life-changing programme.


With the Coronavirus challenges and all, we will not want you to suffer the emotional trauma of staring at a life-changing solution…


And be so powerless to do something about it because you don’t have money.


This is why we have decided that instead of you to pay 120,000 Naira which may be too steep for you.


We have decided to shave off 40 Percent (48,000 Naira).


Meaning that, now, for…



Only 72,000 Naira


You can Quickly Join Other Participants waiting for you.


However, we are also making you a special offer, so you will have no reason whatsoever not to be a part of The Total Body-Manpower Programme



Now, I don’t know what’s going on in your mind right now.


But whatever it is.


There’s something I want you to know right now:


I don’t know how you came across this letter, but I know one thing for sure…


Your reading this letter up to this point means that what you have been reading interests you so much…

 And you want to be a part of it.


It is not just a simple coincidence that you are here right now reading this.


It is an answer to your wishes and prayers.


And nothing should stop you from grabbing the solution that stares you right in your face right now… daring you to grab it.


I repeat nothing should stop you from joining the program that will help you take your life back. Raise your confidence. And enjoy your sex life once again.


Nothing should stop or be a barrier to your happiness.


Life is short. You can not afford to not Live it enjoyably.


So, I urge you to do what you need to do to be a part of the life-changing experience that The Total Body-Manpower Programme is hatching for you.

Now, This is Why We Have  Decided to Lower The Barrier Even Further for With THIS ONE SPECIAL OFFER…


ESPECIALLY if You are Like Me, a Quick Action Taker


So, here’s how it goes!


For The Next 24 Hours, We are Giving You The Chance to BOOK YOUR SEAT in The Total Body-Manpower Programme with a Lifetime investment of


Just 55,000


After 24 hours, you cannot be able to Join The Programme for this Price.




This offer is only valid until the last seat of the 30th Person is booked.


Here’s what I mean:


The Maximum number of persons that we can take for this Edition of The Total Body-Manpower Programme is 30.


So if you want to be among the CHOSEN 30. Then

Or send payment to Ihekuna Linda Chikaodi3053523526First Bank.After payment, send 1) Your full name2) Method of payment3) Your payment slip or transfer screenshot as a confirmation to 09030380447and you will be enrolled manually and delivery of your free supplement scheduled.

What Happens After Payment?

After your payment, you will automatically be redirected to The Total Body-Manpower Programme’s WhatsApp group where you will join up with other participants.


P.S.:If you’d like to make more inquiries. Please make sure to make them within the next 24 hours especially if you are looking to take advantage of the SPECIAL Offer.


Otherwise, after 24 hours, you are going to Lose The Special Offer.


For Enquiries Contact us Right away:

Call Us: ​090303804477

Whatsapp Us

What About Guarantees?

I am  so sure you will love the Total Body-ManPower Programme, that’s why your money will be with us for up to 30 days.

…that way, you will have plenty of time to examine the result this program will have in your life  and discover for yourself how wonderful it is.

If you are dissatisfied, you can return the unused portion of any supplement we will be giving you free of charge to us within 30-days and have your FULL refund + you get to keep the other FREE items.

…no hard feelings and no stories.

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